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Alexandra WYLIE

Allie was a keen skater and spent much time skating at Alexandra Palace. She had many friends there and is sorely missed by everyone. This video commemorates Allie in true Ally Pally style.  

On 25th November 2010 Alexandra Wylie, a bright and charming 17-year-old, sadly passed away from an incurable form of cancer. She had been battling the disease for almost 2 years.


With her dazzling smile and vibrant personality, Alexandra, known as Allie, touched everyone she met. She was extraordinarily generous, kind, hard-working and hilarious. Throughout her life she studied hard at school, getting nine A*s at GCSE, but she was also determined to try her hand at many extra-curricular activities, excelling in ballet, ice skating and playing the cello. Her passion for helping others was evident in everything she did, from organising charity fundraising events to helping out in her local soup kitchen. An inspiration to her peers, younger children and adults alike, Allie was a truly special person.


It is because of Allie’s desire to help others that we set up this charity in her name: The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation. This Foundation aims to keep her memory alive by making it possible for underprivileged young people to achieve and cultivate their dreams through involvement in extra-curricular activities which can broaden their horizons and help them achieve their dreams. This reflects both Allie’s vehement disapproval of social exclusion and her sense of fun and adventure.


Allie had a passion for life, a term which is now the tag line of the charity. With your help we can spread this passion throughout our community. 

Dedication from Channing School, which opens with some of the words that Allie's close friends wrote and read at her funeral in November 2010:

'Now the time has come for you to spread your wings and fly. And we will watch that shining star join the others in the sky.


'Allie was a kind, loving and generous friend and I will always have the fondest memories of the last seven years we spent together at Channing School. Allie´s death from cancer was a shock to everyone who knew and loved her. Her extraordinary courage throughout the 18 months of her illness confirmed what a very special, inspiring person she was.'


Not only was Allie a wonderful friend, but she was also a star in the Channing community since joining Fairseat at the age of four. Allie lived her 17 years with zest and passion and she was a talented scholar, musician, dancer and actor. On the 11th of March, Channing held a memorial concert for Allie, which was conceived, organised and presented by her friends in Year 13. Entitled A Passion for Life, it celebrated all the activities and interests that Allie loved so much.


'There was a cello duet, singing, dancing, an ice-skating video and a spectacular chemistry demonstration! The drama sketches by Year 12 and 13 girls had us laughing through our tears. Allie´s parents presented the school with a cup, the Alexandra Wylie Conabor Cup for All Round Amazingness, which will be presented to a Year 13 girl annually.'

Message from Wings of Hope, a charity Allie raised money for:


The team at Wings of Hope were truly saddened to learn of the recent passing of Alexandra Wylie. As the leader of the winning ckeBAM team in 2007-8, Allie was an extraordinary young woman who truly encompassed the spirit of Wings of Hope; working with compassion, innovation and dedication to help those in need.

We send our thoughts to Allie´s family and friends at this very difficult time; she was a bright star to all and will be truly missed.

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A passion for adventure
A bright smile
Ballet at Pond Square
A keen musician
Allie at Ally Pally
A passion for fun
A big heart
Chello lessons
An adventure in Verbia
A passion for life
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