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Cost of Living Crisis

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The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation has decided to focus on those families and individuals who will be desperately struggling  through the tough winter ahead.  

With this in mind, we really need your continued support so that we can make sure that we have enough provisions to be able to supply emergency food parcels to those in crisis as well as families with children at home in the school holidays (when they do not receive free school meals). 

At the moment, we are providing targeted support to over sixty families and vulnerable adults.  In addition, we are helping two charities get ready meals and fresh fruit and vegetables to over 200 local homeless people. 

Please help by

- Donating food: We are especially short of milk and tuna at the moment.  

- Donating old mobile phones: It is impossible to function in society today without a phone.

- Contribute to our Computer Drive by donating on  We are supplying children and students with computers.  

- Volunteering: We really need 

DRIVERS to collect and deliver food on weekdays, evenings and weekends.  (We have a van for those who do not have access to a car).  

TUTORS to help students in primary and secondary school, whose first language is not English, as well as adults who are struggling to use a computer.  

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