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Our Community

Here at the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation

We work hard to ensure that young people and their families are cared for. London has an appallingly high number of children living in poverty with many others teetering dangerously on the edge of the poverty line. London is a very volatile place in which to live, and for many of the young people with whom we work, it can be hard to live a "normal" life i.e one with food on the table each week, one where you can afford a coat in the winter, or one where you get a holiday in the summer. 

From our office in Archway we like to make a difference to people from all areas of inner city London. So far we have run projects in Islington, Camden, Haringey, and Lambeth. Our aim is to make sure that no one gets turned away from us, and that means helping wherever, and however, we can. 


You can check out our projects pages to find out what our current projects are, and the news section will show you all the latest news regarding our fundraising, events and projects as and when they happen. 

We are passionate about young people, and we are passionate about London. Together we can make a difference and give young disadvantaged people across London the chance to develop or cultivate

a passion for life. 

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