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Tara Griffin- She Wolves

About Us

Tara Griffin who has been one of our wonderful volunteers since 2016 has written an amazing piece on being a woman. 

She has also decided to very kindly donate all the proceeds to AWTF.

Please stream it on Spotify and iTunes, please click on the link below:

She Wolves

She Wolves is a piece that celebrates the multitudes that make up the mosaic of womanhood.

“I will not be changed, instead I will make change.”

Working with Bristol musical based duo Charlie and Jake volunteer Tara Griffin wrote a poem. Now that poem has turned into a world reaching collaboration, exploring the joy and drive that makes up womanhood. Inspired in part by the women of AWTF, all proceeds from the streaming and bandcamp donations are going to the charity. 

It's an unstoppable freight train of emotions, experience, references and empowerment that left musician Charlie crying on the kitchen floor. The project grew and grew with a magical track around created around her words to match passion Tara shared, to the addition of talented improvisational dancers based in Argentina, Mexico, and right here in Bristol. 

It's become an international collaboration that has brought together our varied talents, voices and experiences to celebrate all things woman. Now it's supporting the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation do great things.

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