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summer time appeal 

For the vulnerable families we support, the summer holidays are a tough time. With foodbank usage and food poverty on the rise across the UK many families are reliant upon the school system's lunchtime offerings to keep their children fed through the day. When the summer holidays arrive, they are greeted with dread and fear as the struggle to make ends meet worsens. We are trying our best to make sure that no child we can help should go hungry this summer. 


We wish to do this by providing a weekly food bag to those families and vulnerable young people who need them. 

A standard food parcel will contain: 




Tinned Fish 

biscuits and crackers


milk - long life


fruit, veg, beans & more

tea and coffee


preserves and pasta sauces

The items that are going in the bag are cost effective. We have calculated that it amounts to £13.16 per family bag. We hope to raise enough to create summer food bags for the families and young people we support - that is around 2,000 people. We would also like to include some treats for the family - board games, chocolates and toys. If you would like to know more about how you can help us reach our goal you can contact via the form below, or alternatively, you can donate via the button. 

A summer's day

Over 60% of London's low-income families do not have a weeks holiday away from home throughout the year. Some of the young people we support speak about the embarrassment and sadness that comes with arriving back at school and being asked the dreaded question - 'What did you do this summer?'. Sometimes teachers will ask students to write about their summer adventures. One of our young people said: 


'I found myself making things up - saying I had spent the day at the beach. I would imagine what people might do at the beach and then, 200 words into my lie I felt sad. Why didn't I have a summer like my friends, why did I have to lie?' 


Will you help us to create a day at the beach for those low-income children we support? 

The picture to the right shows a trip we did in 2016 which was sponsored by Tootoomoo. We would love to be able to provide this again each year and with donations and offers of sponsorship, we can hopefully continue to provide a summer's day to our young people.