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Please consider helping 

We have always tried to use the very positive energy Allie radiated to help underprivileged children and vulnerable adults.
As such, we often try to spread messages of hope and happiness in the face of any adversity,
but lately, it's become very difficult. 

AWTF for the past few years has run a clothes bank and provided the supplies for the distribution of food parcels from the Ringcross Community Kitchen. We have also given emergency and aspirational help to underprivileged families and young people things such as classes, providing physical, emotional and educational support, or new experiences for individuals. 

For the vulnerable families and individuals, we support, this is an even tougher time than usual, which makes our job even harder.  

With foodbank usage and food poverty on the rise across the UK many families are reliant upon the school system's lunchtime offerings to keep their children fed through the day. With schools closed from Friday, the foodbanks closed in our local area and the shops barren, we are filled with fear for the future.

We are trying our best to make sure that no child we can help should go hungry, but we desperately need your help. 

We have just been informed that the local Trussell Trust foodbank in Islington is to close after Monday 23rd March.  

This makes it very important that the community kitchen we support at the Ringcross Community Centre (N7 8RH) continues to hand out food parcels.

At the moment, we have one week’s food for the 75 local struggling families we support, but the food we supplies we currently have will only last for one day once we have the Trussell Trust clients joining the queue.

We are, therefore, asking our supporters for urgent donations of any non-perishable food you can spare.

Initial drop off points are the pink bins outside:
1. 70 Gladsmuir Road N19 3JU
2. Greens Highgate 3 Highgate High St, N6 5JR
if you have any queries please contact us below 

A standard food parcel contains: 




Tinned Fish 

biscuits and crackers


milk - long life


fruit, veg, beans & more

tea and coffee

preserves and pasta sauces


If you are able, please consider donating to us here: