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Following an inspirational massage treatment, Cassandra commenced an in-depth study of the discipline. Cassandra and her sister Anna set up The Green Well in 2010 and have been nominated for many awards. Cassandra and her sister have won the bronze at London Massage Guide awards for two consecutive years 2010-2012.

Cassandra currently holds qualifications in Holistic Massage (MTI and ITEC), Sports Injury Massage (APNT) and Massage in Pregnancy. Combining techniques from holistic, sports, Thai, Indian head and deep tissue massage each treatment, whether it be general relaxation or a sport's injury, is individually tailored to suit the client.



Holistic massage

Sports massage

Pre and post natal massage

Baby massage

Each session can be tailored to your specific needs. 


To make an appointment please contact us by clicking the button below.

Treatment prices 

  • 30 minute treatment £30

  • 60 minute treatment £55

  • 90 minute treatment £75

Simon Frost

Simon Paul Frost is a spiritual life and soul coach. He specialises in Meditation in the modern age. Described as a state of bliss, the practice of mediation brings immediate benefits as we withdraw of our attention from the outer world and focus on the point at which we see the inner Light. There is no better way to gain clarity and perspective on how we are living our lives. Through this comes an inner stillness and peace and harmony and happiness follow. 

Set in the calming energies of Allies Sanctuary you will be guided by Simon who can help you to 

  • discover your own truth.

  • feel better about yourself.

  • acknowledge and remove your limitations.

  • create more positivity in your life.

  • understand the disabling power of fear.

  • see your life from a higher more detached viewpoint.

  • release karma.

  • be guided about reincarnation. 

  • discover your true soul path.

  • awake your soul to the world around you. 

Appointment Availability 

Please contact us through the button below. 

Treatment Prices

£70 per hour.

Aneta Zych (Bsc hons, MAR qualified) is a reflexologist with the International Institute of Reflexology, the only school licensed to teach the original Ingham Method. She is also a member of the Associations of Reflexologists. Reflexology can benefit people of all ages and depending on the length of time the problem has been present may improve or eliminate many discomforts during a course of five to six weekly treatments.

Aneta's specialities are:

*stress reduction

*Women's health and well-being



*reflexology for children 

"Reflexology is beneficial for everyone as it helps eliminate toxins and tensions in the body. Given that we are all different I work with a client to ensure my sessions are adjusted to their individual needs and preferences. I am happy to offer regular sessions just to support your health and well-being or to address specific issues to relax and minimise the effects of everyday stress." 

Appointment Availability 

Please contact us through the button below. 

Treatment Prices

  • 60 minute treatment - £50

  • Book five treatments in advance and get the sixth one free

  • Baby reflexology - three 60 minute treatments over three weeks £120

  • Shared treatement with additional mum and baby/treatment for twins available at same price

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