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Stars and supporters brave snow to attend our Street Party

Stars Juliet Stevenson, Michael Pennington and Mari Wilson braved a freezing December evening to read and sing at our event.

Charity founder, Lindsey Wylie said, 'It was heartwarming to see how many people turned up to give their support in spite of the snow. We had lots of clothes donated, but we are still in desperate need of food donations. As the days turn colder and the demand in our local community continues to grow, we are struggling to help all those who really need some assistance over the holiday period.'

AWTF is providing the food for the food bank at the Ringcross Community Centre in Islington. Darnell Hipplewith of the Pilion Trust said, 'There has been an increase in the number of people ringing for food so that now we are getting at least one call every hour. We have shortages of the basics like rice, pasta, pasta sauce and tinned food and would be very grateful for any Christmas treats to raise spirits at this difficult time of year when so many people feel isolated'.

We are still open for donations.

You can see pictures below from the event.

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